Character Class Guide

There are many paths open to you, as Mallorn has witnessed the training of every martial or magic path under nature’s watchful gaze. She will guide you to unlocking your true potential for the trials ahead.

Nature, or the Green, embodies all of life. None share this bond as much as the Druid (Players Handbook). She is able to commune directly with the Green and gain power through it, as well as the ability to summon or form into natures various guardians. Where a Druid is a divine protector of the Green, the Ranger (Players Handbook) is the martial protector. With dual blade or longbow, the Ranger lives in balance with the Green and dedicates themselves to taking natures enemies as their own.

Beings that cannot exist inhabit a place that cannot be. There are powers that exist beyond the boundaries of the Green and the Dark, untouchable by nature or the gods. The Binder (Tome of Magic) has unlocked secrets to call forth these entities and create pacts with them for granted power in exchange for a living view of the world for a while. As the words of these powerful Vestiges carry power, so too do all words. In the language of the Green you learn that simple words carry power of the universe in a True Name. The Truenamers (Tome of Magic) learn to discover these truths and speak the Truespeak that can unlock the universe for them. And as the power of a word carries weight, so too does an Oath given. Such as the binding of the Guardians of Mallorn, the Oathsworn (Arcana Unearthed) is able to freely use the physical power of the Oath to hone themselves into a natural weapon, unstoppable and unrelenting until their Oath is complete.

As nature is entwined and connected through the green, the memories of sentients is carried through the same roots of life. The Akashic (Arcana Unearthed) is able to tap into the collective memory to gain knowledge, skills, or power. They are neither warrior nor caster, but uniquely capable. No two Akashic interpret their memories the same and thus no two follow the exact same path. To a lesser degree, there are two paths of the mind that focus on honing their mental powers in new ways rather than forging your new life as a amalgamation of your past. The Psion (Expanded Psionics Handbook) delves into unlocking the full potential of the mind, while the Psychic Warrior (Expanded Psionics Handbook) uses it as a tool to finely hone their body into a mental weapon.

As the Akashic can tap into the memories of their people for power, the Totem Warrior (Arcana Unearthed) can tap into the spirits of nature in a similar fashion. Through creatures such as the Bear, Hawk, Snake, Wolf, or Wolverine the Totem Warrior can tap into the spirit to empower them with knowledge or prowess in battle. In a similar vein, the Barbarian (Players Handbook) taps into the primal force of nature to slip into rages that greatly enhance their battle prowess.

As the Green encompasses all, there are two arcane paths entwined within it. The Greenbond (Arcana Unearthed) deals with the magic of nature. She speaks the language of the babbling brook or the stony heartrock of a mountain. This bond gives her power to fuel her magic and to empower herself with natures bounty. The Wood, Wind or Sea Witch (Arcana Unearthed) focuses on a specific aspect of nature to grant them supernatural powers with which to fight the Dark.

With the coming of the dawn, the holy powers of the gods beyond the Green are invoked. The Cleric (Players Handbook) is able to contact these powers directly and gain magic through faith and devotion. No other path carries such power over life, death and is enemy to the Dark as the followers of the gods. There is no champion so great as the Paladin (Players Handbook) of the gods as well. Able to channel his divine favor into a martial discipline the Paladin is a force for goodness.

As with the cycle of the seasons, so too must day give way to night. The Rogue (Players Handbook) is the artful dodger, sapper, and spelunker all rolled into one. Capable of such acts of deception that even items of magic can be fooled, the Rogue is as comfortable in the shadows as not. As there can be no light without darkness, there are none who understand this more than the Shadowcaster (Arcana Unearthed). By studying the fundamentals of the shadows themselves, the Shadowcaster is able to unlock its mysteries to fuel their power.

Power is a dangerous lure. The Kings of the Dark are almost all masters of its use. Their origins reach back to the fundamentals of magic itself, the Wizard (Players Handbook). By studying the schools of magic a Wizard is able to tap into every aspect of power and make it their own. Though they must memorize their magics anew each day, they can prepare themselves for nearly any situation. Not so their gifted brethren, the Sorcerer (Players Handbook). The Sorcerer is a living vessel of magic, with a few choice magics at their disposal, they are a arcane cannon – able to continually channel their limited arsenal at their enemies with no research or tomes. Finally, as there is music in nature for those who listen, so too is there music in magic. The Bard (Players Handbook) is a capable mix of a Rogue and a Wizard. Though her arcane powers are not as vast and varied, they compensate with song and steel, her music itself infused with power.

Lastly are the physical protectors themselves. For the most diversity in the martial discipline, the Fighter (Players Handbook) is a stalwart defender and warrior. There are paths to specialize oneself beyond a simple warrior however. If you see armor and protection as the bulk of your defense, none stand so firm as the Warmain (Arcana Unearthed). If instead you see grace and maneuverability as your calling, the perhaps being Unfettered (Arcana Unearthed) will suit you better. If you wish to eschew weapons and armor altogether for physical and spiritual enlightenment, then the path of the Monk (Players Handbook) might be your calling instead.

Character Class Guide

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