Guardians of Mallorn

Xio - Deerwood (Part 2)
An account of the second half of the Guardian's Deerwood exploration

Writers Note: When I started this a few days ago it was simply meant to be a “quick write up” of the events of the last game we played. Before long I had spent six hours typing and came out with sixteen pages. While the process was enjoyable, I doubt my next post will be written so extensively, and it will be focused more around my own character’s motivations. The problem I had the entire time I wrote this was that I was taking something from each of you and remaking it in my own voice, which honestly feels like robbing you of your character’s identity. So know that my future posts won’t be in this format, and that if something contained within doesn’t sit right with you I totally understand, and will more than gladly remove it and replace the below with something styled differently.

9011.12.22 Guardians of Mallorn
The Guardians of Mallorn begin their exploration of Deerwood.

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