As spoken by the spirit of Mallorn, the golden tree to an assembled group of adolescents.

For ages men and women alike have served and grown under the growth of the Green. Your journey to adulthood has always been under the watchful eye of Mallorn. For it was to Mallorn that your ancestors long ago swore a pact with to quell the beast of the Darkendeep. For her aid, she asked that the youth of Deepwatch turn their eyes not to the depths as the adults would have it, but to the wild and through it to the Green.

The Green is life that flows through every living creature, every plant, and through the blood of the world itself. We weep the loss of such life that has happened with the death of the cold one, but that is not why we have awoken. As foolish as the adults may believe the hero was in slaying the frozen enemy, more foolish is the amount of magic used to spare a few thousand more lives. Such magic has awoken me, and thus it has also woken the slumbering Dark. If the Green is life, then the Dark is un-life. Long ago there were Kings of the Dark, wielding sorcery and psionics and waging war against the green.

Now they are beginning to wake and will gather their forces and the war between the Green and the Dark will begin once more. There is no passion for life so great than youth on the verge of adulthood. That is why our pact was made and that is why the adults forget the magic of this place. The war to come is why the Green must now call upon you.

Guardians of Mallorn

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